Upgrades & Rewiring

Homes and Businesses

If your electrical systems are outdated, worn, and overloaded, a service heavy-up or complete rewiring to current code requirements is a good idea.  If your electrical systems no longer comply with applicable local and national code requirements, particularly in the case of offices, restaurants, and other businesses, then an upgrade is essential.

The cost of rewiring a house or business premises can be less than you think.  We offer competitive business and residential estimates, and our certified electricians can perform staged or complete rewiring with minimum disruption.  Rewiring includes all service and branch circuit cables, breakers, receptacles, fixtures, grounding, etc.

Whether you need rewiring for your home, or your business premises or office - we can help.  As always, our work is done compliant to local and national electrical code requirements and standards.

For upgrades or rewiring estimates, please contact us.