New Construction & Remodeling

Fast and Efficient

Are you looking to build a new home, build-out or remodel an existing commercial space or a basement? Ryan Electric's approach to large and small projects is to work closely with owners in proper scoping, estimating, planning and managing installations from start to finish.




Restaurants and residential kitchens experience more wear and tear from high usage and people traffic.  However, disruption to your kitchen or restaurant business is something you want to minimize - and if you own or operate a restaurant, any downtime is going to cost you money.  That's why Ryan Electric ensures that all necessary work is planned and done as quickly as possible to committed schedules, and with minimal inconvenience.

Rewiring can include moving lighting fixtures, outlets and switches, installing and wiring new appliances and/or fixtures.  As always, our work is compliant to local and national electric codes and requirements with no hidden costs - we will provide a full quote before undertaking any work.  For an estimate, please contact us.