Smoke & Fire Alarm Installation

Essential Safety for Homes and Businesses

We've all heard of them, but only some of us have them installed.  Yet smoke alarms are simple to obtain and maintain - and in an emergency, they could save your life.

The best systems are inter-linked, with a mains alarm and battery backup-up.  That way when one goes off, they all go off!  (If you're asleep two floors up or on the other side of the house, it could be too late by the time you're aware an alarm has activated).

For businesses, it's not just important to have fire alarms; in most cases it's the law.  They also need to be reguarly checked and maintained.

We can install and maintain all types of smoke, gas, and heat detectors for alarm systems in all areas of your business facilities or residence(s) as required by local and national codes.

Give yourself real peace of mind - simple contact us.